Zmrzlina, by my good friend Dewald Botha ( @southliving ).

I’m really pleased to see this project realised as a photobook - I remember discussing the possibilities as we walked around Paris last year…

Please Sit, by Dewald Botha (@southliving), photographed by Rob™.

Ruscha’s Gasoline Stations Revisited, by Rob™, photographed by Dewald Botha.


Yesterday, everything turned up all at once and the house was chaos - new furniture (and the associated mountains of packing), the prints for [( 6 )] (which are pretty space hungry in themselves) and a couple of books. The first of which is from my good friend (and fellow [( 6 )] exhibitor) Dewald in China and is called Please Sit - lovely little thing it is, and I’m looking forward to actually sitting and thumbing through it at a more leisurely pace with a coffee once the chaos has subsided…

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