Huldufólk by @danwoodphoto

The document 14 Reader.

A kind gift presented by Monika at the opening night of the #WAConnected2017 exhibition at The Civic in Barnsley. The exhibition still has a few days to run…

Saturday’s Gone.

Roads [03 May 2017]

Roads will be appearing as part of #WAConnected2017 next month.

Ravens, by Masahisa Fukase

It’s just arrived, I’ve not even opened it yet… I’m making myself wait so as not to rush it.

#WAConnected2017 @WAConnected2017

In June I’ll be exhibiting Roads with:

Tanya Ahmed

Mathew Aldred

Monika Brückner

Emma Delpech

Inés González Cordero

Maire Keogh

Susan Miller

Mwamba Mulangala

Alison South

The exhibition will take place at The Civic in Barnsley from the 15th - 24th June, PV on the 14th.

In June, I’ll be exhibiting Roads at The Civic in Barnsley as part of my MA Fine Arts cohort’s final show - #WeAreConnected.

The PV is on the 14th June, we the exhibition running until the 24th and alongside my work will feature that of Tanya Ahmed, a member of the [( 6 )] collective with me, and eight other talented mixed media artists.

It would be great if you could make it there, and if you do, to let me know what you think…

Clear of People, by Michal Iwanowski

I backed this on a crowdfunding site what seems like an age ago, but it has finally arrived and it has been worth the wait. The images and the production are, at first glance at least, something special. I look forward to sitting down and looking properly when I have a bit more time to appreciate it.

Abandoned Morris Minors of the West of Ireland, by Martin Parr

Roads [11 January 2017]

A still from a video I’m working on… 

Roads, 2017

Following a slightly different route now as the work will likely be mixture of time and stillness, but the destination is beginning to loom into view…

Roads [`Samlesbury] 2017
The continuation of my travails.

Roads [Blackpool], 2017.

The continuation of my local trava[i]ls

Roads [Warton], 2017.

The continuation of my local trava[i]ls

Roads [Lancashire].

I’ve brought the project back home…

ZZYZX by Gregory Halpern.


Roads [Toronto]


Roads [Amherst].

Working a different trope on the project now.

Instagram, by Stephen Shore.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these.


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