Strange Days :

Credit for the original images appropriated for Strange Days and featured on this site includes:

Google (various)
James Simms (Manchester Airport)
Koon Hoon Muk (Singapore)
OCODO Agency (Singapore)
Santiago Gonzalez (Mission Bay)
Chris (Rotorua)
Anand Atre (Rotorua)
Travis Leippi (Wai-O-Tapu)
Vernon Brewster (Wai-O-Tapu)
Thomas Scherfler (Wai-O-Tapu)
Mint Design (Lake Taupo)
Derek Golding (Tekapo Springs)
Sam Bains (Mount Aspiring National Park)
Brad (Mount Aspiring National Park)
Ryan Leischner (Christchurch)

The original copyright remains with the original copyright holders. This work (Strange Days) is considered both transformative and fair use of the above works in terms of being outside current copyright legislation.

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