Road To Joy :
“Surveys suggest moreover that most of the 7 million who do visit the countryside each summer weekend do not venture far from designated places, from picnic tables and parking spaces for cars, caravans and burger vans.” - Stephen Daniels

In naming (or otherwise indicating) an area on a map, the area becomes a ‘place’ and is given an increased significance over other, unnamed, areas. Their designation as a ‘viewpoint’ further means they are identified as being (potentially) picturesque, an area of beauty worthy of looking at. With this exploration of the designated viewpoints situated in England's North West, I have taken the decision not to venture far from the parking space, indeed not even leaving the confines of the car, having used it first as an enabler for access and then as a frame for the vista before me. However, the chosen aesthetic subverts the idea of beauty and resides within the contemporary notion of experience - been there, seen it now time to move on...

Rob™, 2013

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