A Forest :
“A culture is no better than its woods” W H Auden

If you go down into the woods today, it won’t be a surprise that it’s not teddy-bears you find, but objects discarded by those there before. Our culture, certainly here in Europe, is one that is clearly wasteful; many people find it easier to jettison their litter at the point where the object outlives its usefulness, no matter what impact that might have on the surroundings.

Here, those items have been removed from the woods and photographed so that they can be juxtaposed with the location in which they were found. Their relationship with each other becomes more tenuous, abstracted and distant than if the object had simply been photographed in situ, as a blot on the beauty of the forest. As a result, further questions need to be asked and answered within the mind of the viewer, and different narratives can be created on how the two became to be related.

Rob™, 2014

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